Mediterranean soap makers, Since 1875.

Olive oil soap is a time-honored tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. With roots that can be traced back to ancestral know-how from 1875, Ambrah brings tradition to life. Ambrah embraces the wisdom of the past to make 100% natural, handcrafted soaps that cleanse, nourish and protect your skin. Based in the North of Lebanon, Ambrah is one of the last olive oil soap-makers in the Levant that uses the traditional cold process method. We transform soap-making into a craft shaped by history, long-established methods and pure ingredients.

Naturally delightful.

Ambrah takes a simple yet treasured recipe with 100% premium cold pressed olive oil, and turns it into a true return to the essence of nature. Entirely hand-crafted in Lebanon using the traditional cold process method, our soaps are mild, moisturizing and long-lasting. By not using heat, all the ingredients and oils’ valuable properties are fully preserved. Our soap’s intentionally rough-cut rustic design and rich texture embodies our handmade, natural spirit and reveals the healing power of the botanical herbs.

Ecological solution.

Ambrah has a genuine respect for nature in all its raw beauty and soothing power. Using only the best fresh ingredients, Ambrah cherishes the essence of the Mediterranean. Our natural passion touches every detail and hence all our carefully crafted soaps are environmentally friendly, contain no chemicals or animal ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no additives and are not tested on animals. Our approach reduces waste from the actual soap-making process all the way down to the packaging. All our products are wrapped in minimal essential outer packaging. We choose natural and ecological solutions because of our genuine interest in your needs and great respect for the environment. Pure, natural allure is part of the priceless value and quality we lather up.

Socially responsible.

Ambrah's social engagement is reflected in every element. We support traditional production methods and source natural ingredients directly from local Lebanese producers and farmers whenever possible. We work with women in the North of Lebanon, empowering them with know-how and skills. At Ambrah beauty is sustainable and sustainability is beautiful.